Bitcoin SV:


Join industry leaders at the CoinGeek Conference in London, February 20-21, 2020 and discover exciting developments on Bitcoin SV — the only blockchain that’s regulation-friendly, ready for business, and can massively scale.

Be one of the early adopters and innovators of Bitcoin SV, the original Bitcoin, as it builds towards its tipping point into mass global adoption.



Chief Scientist, nChain

Dr. Wright is an Australian computer scientist, businessman, and inventor who challenges the world with visionary ideas. Currently, he is Chief Scientist for nChain – the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, Bitcoin Association Chair of Strategic Advisory Board, nChain Group

Jimmy Nguyen is one of the world’s top Bitcoin and blockchain advocates. He is a renowned public speaker, media commentator and global ambassador for Bitcoin SV. Jimmy joined nChain and then helped launch the Bitcoin Association after a 21-year career as an intellectual property and digital technology lawyer. He is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/U.S. In 2008, Lawdragon named him (at only age 36) one of the “500 Leading Lawyers in America” and described him as a “dynamo talent.” He has also been recognized by the Century City Bar Association as “Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year” (2011), and by the Association of Media & Entertainment Counsel with its Industry Leader Award (2017). For his diverse leadership, Jimmy has been named a “Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leader” (2015) by Diversity MBA magazine and was inducted into California Minority Counsel Program’s Diversity Hall of Fame (2015).

Steve Shadders

Director of Solutions & Engineering, nChain Technical Director, Bitcoin SV Node project

Steve Shadders has been involved in Bitcoin infrastructure since early 2011. As one of the first authors of open-source mining pool software “PoolServerJ,” he was at the forefront of implementing new features like merged mining and local coinbase generation that are in common use today. Steve was actively involved in Mike Hearn’s Bitcoin project as one of the earliest contributors and still uses it today as his staple Bitcoin library. Today, Steve heads up nChain’s engineering team and is the Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node project. He is passionate about the future role of Bitcoin in reshaping the world. In his own words, it is disruptive technology with “more potential to change the world than the printing press.” In his role, he contributes his ecosystem-wide perspective to support building the mining and UX infrastructure needed to enable Satoshi’s Vision to be realized.


Lead Developer, Bitcoin SV Node Project

Daniel Connolly is a professional senior IT engineer. He started programming as a child and pursued this passion through university. In the late 90s, he switched from developing real-time GPS tracking software using AI techniques to a career in the United Nations, to lend his expertise to a cause he believed in. He spent 20 years in United Nations organizations, building secure, efficient, and reliable enterprise solutions to support the global mission of the United Nations. He grew into leadership roles at the United Nations, but his passion remained with technology, which led to his interest in Bitcoin. He is now focused on scaling Bitcoin SV and restoring the full capabilities of Bitcoin.



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