CoinGeek Conferences have established a reputation for their authoritative and professional production and the quality of their speakers. It is the largest Bitcoin Conference in the world which is held twice every year. 

They also attract key individuals working on BSV-related projects around the world. 

Expect to meet entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists, policy makers, journalists, miners and the representatives of established big businesses such as telecoms, media companies and healthcare. 

Over the years, CoinGeek Conferences have become bigger, roughly doubling each time, as they move from location to location. 

  • Hong Kong, May 2018
  • London, November 2018
  • Toronto, May 2019
  • Seoul, October 2019
  • London, February 2020
  • Live New York, October 2020
  • Zurich, June 2021

Starting in the fall of 2020, CoinGeek Conferences have been held virtually, while broadcasting physically from prominent cities around the world. Our virtual events are here to stay and we look forward to welcoming in-person attendees as soon as we are able.

To take the temperature of the Bitcoin SV world, turn up or tune in. We look forward to welcoming you for the unique CoinGeek Conference experiences.