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The I.T. industry facilitates the access, security and movement of data, building the hardware and software we need to transform our data into something we can use in work, businesses and everyday life.

But the I.T. industry is faced with significant challenges --
Massive data breaches
Inefficient automation and project management
Our accelerated digital transformation has only exacerbated these issues. Issues that are already impacting businesses and critical infrastructure around the world.

At CoinGeek Conferences IT professionals can hear and see the new innovations from the businesses that are building on top of the BSV Blockchain that solves these challenges.

The upcoming conference in New York will cover:


October 05 | 09:30 - 09:50 EST
BSV: Technical Update
Steve Shadders
CTO, nChain | Technical Director, Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team
October 05 | 13:30 - 14:00 EST
BSV vs. Other Blockchains: Differences that Matter for Developers & Businesses
Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Chief Bitcoin Historian, CoinGeek
Peter Bainbridge-Clayton
Founder & CTO, kompany
Kevin Healy
Independent, App Developer & Investor
Rohan Sharan
Product Manager, BlockReview
October 05 | 14:15 - 14:30 EST
Micropayments for the World: APIs, Tokens and Computation
Shashank Singhal
Co-Founder & CEO , Codugh
October 05 | 14:30 - 14:45 EST
Smart Contracts & Computation on Bitcoin
Xiaohui Liu
Founder & CEO, sCrypt Inc.
October 05 | 17:10 - 17:50 EST
Blockchain: The Future of Technology Building on Achievements of the Past
Jimmy Nguyen
Founding President, Bitcoin Association
Ian Grigg
Financial Cryptographer,
Stuart Haber
Principal, Stuart Haber Crypto, LLC
W. Scott Stornetta, Ph.D.
Partner, Yugen Partners
Dr. Craig S. Wright
Chief Scientist, nChain


Cybersecurity and Blockchain at CoinGeek Zurich

Cybersecurity and Blockchain at CoinGeek Zurich

Danny Pehar of Web Safe Inc. pointed out these words during a panel session at the CoinGeek Zurich Conference. The panel was joined by Dean Little of Bitping, Seth Halloran of Prime Tech Services, Aaron Jervis of ReefIT, and moderator Bryan Daugherty of Bitcoin Association. Danny encapsulated cybersecurity based on his experience of working in this field for the last 20 years.
How Bitcoin will change the future of data and empower everyone (Dr. Craig Wright)

How Bitcoin will change the future of data and empower everyone (Dr. Craig Wright)

Dr. Craig S. Wright - Chief Scientist, Chain: KEYNOTE SPEECH: How Bitcoin Will Change the Future of Data & Empower Everyone at #CGZurich.
The Future of Data Services in Mining

The Future of Data Services in Mining

In this panel, industry leaders discuss how Bitcoin SV can make breakthroughs in mining and data services. The members of the panel are Bitcoin Association China Manager Lise Li, Mempool CEO Lin Zheming, WhatsOnChain co-founder Liam Missin, nChain Director for Research Owen Vaughan, and nChain Senior Researcher Wei Zhang.

BSV blockchain opens new world of possibilities for IT

Blockchain is powering the future of IT. As an inherently technical innovation, it seems only natural that the information technology sectors stand to benefit from the advantages the BSV enterprise blockchain can bring. In its own way, the IT sector faces a number of challenges and inefficiencies that mean it cannot operate at the level that it should. This results in sluggish performance, excessive cost burdens and an industry that is missing out on the full scope of the opportunities that should be available to it.

There is currently a lack of support for applications which use blockchain technology for its intended purposes—i.e. as a distributed timestamp server with low cost transactions. IT enterprises could make greater use of blockchain within industry specific solutions, but lack the accompanying tools and interoperability necessary to make this a straightforward process. As a result, it remains behind the curve in its own game, despite progress being made more readily with blockchain tech across other sectors.

There is no existing layer between blockchain and enterprise or government applications, and marrying the two currently presents a technical nightmare for even the most willing developers. No Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution currently exists that can conveniently handle integrations between blockchains and applications, creating a bottleneck for innovation and development that should not continue to exist.

These are all challenges the IT industry needs to overcome in order to truly benefit from the blockchain revolution. But while they are currently technically complex, there is a clear solution that makes these hurdles that much less insurmountable. That’s where BSV blockchain comes in.

BSV is the only blockchain solution that solves these problems, while providing IT professionals and enterprises with the full gamut of tools and interoperability needed to get more from their systems. Specifically as it relates to the challenges facing the IT sector, BSV enterprise blockchain is the perfect choice for solving these problems and removing the last remaining barriers to adoption.

How BSV blockchain can help the IT sector

Blockchain is the ultimate platform as an underlay, for a future where strategy and technology work harmoniously together. Apps that are redesigned and developed for the blockchain can deliver multiplicative benefits to a range of business processes, covering everything from file storage and document security through to payment systems and messaging.

But while blockchain is the answer at a technological level, the BSV blockchain is the precise solution needed to get the most from the technology.

BSV provides unbounded scale, fit to handle the largest of enterprise use cases with huge capacity for transaction volumes. An immutable ledger keeping a chronological record of data transactions, it allows for micropayments and transactions to be processed at ultra low cost and rapid speed.

The BSV blockchain solves the Software-as-a-Service issue, providing the interface for easy, convenient development interfacing with an underlying blockchain. As a platform, BSV is designed to be straightforward for developers, and was created with problem solving in mind. With the BSV network as the underpinning technology, all the obstacles that prevent greater utilization of blockchain tech melt away. In that respect, BSV is a liberating force for IT businesses and professionals, opening a whole new world of possibilities for developing client tools.

Reducing barriers to entry in transactions and the manifestation of new markets that could not exist before the BSV blockchain will have an immediate impact on the industry with greater uptake. And with the CoinGeek Conference right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to make use of BSV as a platform in an IT setting.

Brendan Lee of Elas Digital describes Bitcoin as “the ultimate underlay technology,” providing a huge scope of opportunity for development.

“At Elas we really see Bitcoin as an ultimate underlay technology. Used properly, redesigned apps can provide multiplicative improvements in business processes across a wide range of services, from file and physical access, to storage, messaging and payment systems. Any service can now be delivered inside an instrument of value—imagine a printer service that receives print jobs wrapped inside a banknote that pays for them? This, and more, is possible today.”

“Elas is primarily focused on delivering software as a service to access and use the Bitcoin SV network and ledger as a tool. We don't yet have direct products in the IT market, but we know that there will be demand for applications which use Bitcoin for its intended purpose - as a timestamping service for peer to peer transactions.”

On Bitcoin SV, Lee argues that only BSV presents viable options for companies and developers looking to make the most of the opportunities in blockchain tech.

“Simply put, scale. Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain network out there which understands what blockchains are for and how they function. Bitcoin SV is simply the original implementation of Bitcoin, or as close as we have been able to revert to it, so there is nothing new about what it does, except that it does not stand in your way by being limited or by costing a lot to use. These two factors alone are enough to make that an easy decision.”

BSV Infographic
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BSV blockchain for IT at the CoinGeek Conference

The case for IT professionals learning more about BSV blockchain and its potential couldn’t be clearer. The CoinGeek Conference is the perfect opportunity to learn more about BSV network and how it's used to solve the practical challenges facing the industry. The eighth CoinGeek Conference, taking place in New York, for attendees live and online. Participants from around the world will log on to hear from some of the most respected personnel in blockchain—from the developers responsible for building and shaping BSV, through to the entrepreneurs, academics and other stakeholders already using BSV blockchain as a development platform for increasing innovative and useful solutions. The event is a great opportunity to learn more about BSV blockchain for the IT sector, and how it operates as a technology to solve the substantial challenges of the era. With so much already happening around BSV development, there’s never been a better opportunity to dive in and get a feel for the future. Registration for the conference is available now, and you can claim your space among the great in the blockchain world.

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