Coingeek Conference

London Feb 2020

CoinGeek London slipped in just before most countries started locking down but has given its attendees plenty to think about and work on ever since.

With 56 speakers over two days and an awe inspiring stage, it was an authoritative vote of confidence in the worldwide BSV ecosystem and a chance to hear about plans and ambitions for the coming years.

If anyone had doubted the range and depth of work under way in BSV, from healthcare apps to blockchain-powered browsers, CoinGeek London was the definitive answer: it’s all happening, and it’s happening now!

And there was time for some fun too. Nobody will forget the Back to the Future after-party which rounded off the second day of the conference. Great Scott, that was some night!

56 Speakers
27 Sponsors
1000+ Attendees
80+ Media


The tourists in Piccadilly Circus couldn’t believe their eyes that chilly February evening. Large as life, there was a classic Delorean parked right outside one of London’s top clubs. CoinGeek London really did go Back to the Future for its end-of-conference party.

If you need to ask why, you should have paid more attention to what Bitcoin SV was doing in the preceding weeks and months: restoring the original Bitcoin protocol to how it was when Bitcoin first appeared, courtesy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Fittingly then, Dr Craig Wright, who, as Satoshi, invented Bitcoin, took his turn in the Delorean before disappearing into the party.

What happens at a CoinGeek party stays at the party. Unless it finds its way into the highlights reel of course.