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The Healthcare industry is facing a revolution over the next few years. Patients will become more empowered, medicines will become more precise. For the first time ever, we can put the patient back in the center of their own health care.

At CoinGeek Conferences healthcare professionals can hear and see the new innovations from the businesses that are building on top of the BSV that are building the new future of health care with enhanced data management capabilities.

The upcoming conference in New York will cover:


October 06 | 10:25 - 10:55 EST
Health Care, Life Sciences & Blockchain
Jimmy Nguyen
Founding President, Bitcoin Association
Steve Lawrence
Phillip Runyan
Managing Partner, Veridat
Zachary Weiner
Founder, VXPass.com
Kip Wolf
Head of Technical Ops. & Portfolio Mngmt., X-Vax Technology, Inc.


EHR Data discusses synergy created by using Bitcoin SV for healthcare

EHR Data discusses synergy created by using Bitcoin SV for healthcare

In the recent CoinGeek Conference held in London last February 21, 2020, it was officially announced that EHR Data Inc. has partnered with nChain to manage electronic health records of patients using the BSV blockchain.
Blockchain empowering patient data | CG Zurich

Blockchain empowering patient data | CG Zurich

The opening day of the #CGZurich Conference oversaw a session to discuss the data-related challenges within the healthcare sector. Meghann Chilcott of EHR Data and Zachary Weiner of VXPASS joined moderator Jimmy Nguyen of #Bitcoin Association.
EHR Data: The first Healthcare Data Platform using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

EHR Data: The first Healthcare Data Platform using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Ron Austring, Cheryl D. Jorgenson and Joseph Eckstein Of EHR Data discusses data ownership, monetization of paients data and EHR Data Utility using BSV Blockchain. Here are their presentation at CoinGeek Live.

Why healthcare industry is taking advantage of BSV enterprise blockchain

One of the main sectors set to take advantage of BSV enterprise blockchain is the healthcare industry. The healthcare data use case is ripe for the benefits BSV blockchain provides, ultimately delivering more efficient outcomes for healthcare providers and patients. As traditional and often still paper-based systems modernize and integrate with new technologies, such as BSV, the scope for significant process efficiency gains make this an exciting forefront for the technology.

A number of solutions are already being developed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry, including healthcare data firm EHR Data. But what are the challenges facing the healthcare industry that solutions like EHR Data are attempting to solve? Moreover, how can the BSV blockchain best deliver for these companies and these use cases, to provide better results for patients and the organizations that care for them?

The challenges facing healthcare

Under the legacy systems still widely used today, health data is often held in private silos. Patient records are often incomplete or inconsistent between different sources, and healthcare providers and other stakeholders are often working with limited access to insufficient data. The whole process for sharing medical records between organizations, for example, is cumbersome and clunky.

At the same time, private companies often profit from the sale of health data, unbeknown to the patients themselves. But this data is not strictly the property of the healthcare providers who hold it—it belongs to the individual, who should have full control over who can access it, and equally importantly, who can monetize it. Healthcare data is an asset to drug manufacturers, insurance providers, healthcare providers directly, and a number of other organizations. Yet under current models, patients are excluded from these transactions.

There’s also the issue of drug manufacturers, clinical researchers and public health officials having only limited access to the data they need to make the best decisions. Service provision ultimately depends on access to quality data sets, yet because of the silo structures across current health record storage, there are limited options for accessing complete data sets.

Ultimately, these challenges facing the healthcare sector result in poorer outcomes for patients, far beyond the simple inefficiencies they create. A better future is possible, with the help of the BSV enterprise blockchain.


How BSV blockchain solves these issues

Enter BSV to solve these problems, by recording and securing records on the blockchain. The BSV blockchain allows for healthcare data to be recorded on an immutable ledger, shared effortlessly between individuals, healthcare providers and other agencies. Importantly, data can be used by these entities for their desired purposes, ranging from diagnostics through to research, insurance, and a number of other use cases. The data is also proven accurate and trusted, which makes it easier to help achieve optimal health outcomes throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Easy access to healthcare data, and crucially control and ownership over it, is also delivered by records on the BSV blockchain. For the first time, individuals can monetize their own data, or control degrees of access to it according to their personal wishes. This cuts out the middleman and allows individuals greater command over their own data assets.

The BSV blockchain ensures data is secure, unalterable and fully auditable as required. Due to the nature of BSV as a technology platform, it is effortless for micropayments to flow between patients and providers, creating a transparent data economy. Self-sovereign patient records allow individuals more control over their own lives, while creating a single central patient record truly owned and permissioned by the individual. The net result is a more efficient system of records management that works for the patient, as well as the provider.

BSV is the only blockchain with the enterprise scale capacity to manage healthcare data systems with massive adoption. The platform is technologically ready now to handle global healthcare data requirements, with all the tools developers require to get the job done.

Alison Langford of EHR Data said BSV was the perfect solution for delivering their platform for managing medical information.

“The Bitcoin SV blockchain has the unique ability to function as an immutable, auditable, and trusted database to record healthcare events. At EHR Data, we see our platform being the perfect fit for people who want easy access to all of their medical information and are tired of others controlling access to and profiting from their data.”

“It’s perfect for healthcare providers aiming to help people achieve optimal health outcomes while keeping the patient safe and secure. It’s also a great fit for drug manufacturers, clinical researchers, and public health officials to gain access to the data they need to provide better services, find cures to diseases, and better manage public health crises.”

“In addition to all of that, this type of technology also provides the capability to facilitate micropayments to royalty owners and data providers for the purchasing and selling of health data.”

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Blockchain for healthcare—learn more at the CoinGeek Conference

The next CoinGeek Conference is scheduled to kick off on October 5. The live and virtual event will be broadcast live from New York. The event brings together some of the leading names in BSV ecosystem, on the subject of ‘It's About Time’. The packed agenda for the event is set to take place over three days, with sessions ranging from technical updates through to keynote speeches from some of the world’s foremost experts.

Among the topics up for discussion are Health Care and Patient Data on the blockchain, Product Provenance & Blockchain, Blockchain Law & Policy, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on BSV and much more.

For anyone wanting to gain a better insight into BSV and the future of the blockchain, the conference is the ideal opportunity to learn from some of the pioneers of the sector—both on the technical side, and on the business side, featuring CEOs and CTOs from some of the most promising startups in the healthcare space.

The must-attend event is for all interested parties, with registration via the CoinGeek Conference website.