Coingeek Conference

Seoul Oct 2019

Seoul proved Bitcoin SV’s global reach. With speakers and attendees from all continents, the conference attracted members of the community to a slick and productive conference.

For the first time, there was simultaneous translation, in Korean, Chinese and English, one sign of CoinGeek Conference’s growth into a truly global event.

The conference food was a glorious and apparently limitless mix of Korean and international cuisine that received many compliments.

Naturally, there was an emphasis on Asia and Australia, with South Korea’s own ONEStore telecom giant claiming the limelight for its Buskon app, which uses the BSV blockchain for sharing music and rewarding music-makers.


CoinGeek parties are legendary, and Seoul’s afterparty proved that the tradition was growing stronger, conference by conference.

By way of party backdrops, BSV leaders Calvin Ayre, Dr. Craig Wright, Jimmy Nguyen and Steve Shadders were depicted as super-heroes. Or should we say revealed as super-heroes?

Either way, there were plenty of chances to grab that historic selfie you had always wanted with one of them - even if it became a little harder to frame shots accurately as the evening wore on.