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In a crowded and confusing sector, Bitcoin SV is unique.  

Its visionary is Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist of the London blockchain development and research business, nChain, who, as Satoshi Nakamoto, invented Bitcoin back in 2008. 

BSV is positioned as the blockchain for enterprise thanks to its low transaction fees, massive blockchain scaling road map and stable protocol. 

Established businesses, including those in telecom and healthcare are already building on BSV. And a vibrant ecosystem of startups has spawned a collection of apps and services that make use of the unique capabilities of the blockchain.

CoinGeek conferences have established a reputation for professionalism and good organisation. They also attract ‘everyone who’s anyone’ in Bitcoin. 

So expect stories from Dr. Wright himself and a roster of other international speakers from within the Bitcoin SV community and beyond. 

Our professional media team will ensure you get the most from your attendance at the conference and we can guarantee that our speakers will be happy to give you time and answer all your questions. 

As a media partner, we’ll help with the practicalities of creating great coverage by providing dedicated facilities including media-only areas and interview rooms.