Why Attend Coingeek Conferences?


Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain protocol that can scale, making it perfect for businesses that are looking to leverage its superior technology and get a jump on their competition while doing so.

CoinGeek conferences are fine-tuned to provide attendees with maximum value. That means a careful mix of professional presentations by authoritative and well-rehearsed speakers along with plenty of chances to interact informally between sessions and at the end of the day.

We guarantee that you will not only learn a lot about Bitcoin but will also meet people who will be useful as experts, contacts and potential partners in the future.

And you will also have a good time. Food and drink are excellent and plentiful (ask anyone who has attended previous events) and there’s a spectacular after-party at the end, which ...well, kind of defies description but is much more than your usual corporate knees up.


Whether you’re already immersed in the world of Bitcoin SV or new to it, The Bitcoin conference will provide a chance to hear from leading developers working in the field, whether producing apps or finessing the protocol itself. 

With Bitcoin Script Engineer emerging as one of the most sought after jobs in blockchain, keeping up with the technology is a challenge to the best-informed as there is so much work under way in the ecosystem now. But our Bitcoin conference will give you a useful overview and the chance to explore areas of interest informally with the contacts you will make.

Bitcoin SV is uniquely positioned as the only global micropayments network allowing developers to take advantage of building innovative new business models at the microtransaction level. Attendees can learn how fellow developers are leveraging BSV’s superpowers and turning them into income generating businesses immediately.

The BSV Hackathon is a magnet for developers, offering an open competition for newcomers to present ideas and receive feedback and recognition. A few lucky winners will also receive prizes from a $100,000 USD prize pool (paid in BSV, of course). Many previous Hackathon winners are now thriving BSV start-ups, influencing the whole ecosystem in new directions.


Bitcoin SV is a magnet for business ideas, many of which are developing through rapidly-expanding start-ups. But there are plenty more waiting to hire staff and realise their founders’ visions.

The success of the Bitcoin Association’s Pitch Day competition is testimony to the vibrant, developing field of BSV entrepreneurship. Many companies with huge potential do not require massive cash injections to reach the next stage making the BSV ecosystem the perfect place for investors to find their next project to back.

One of the advantages of building on the BSV blockchain is that you are making use of a central service which already exists. Leveraging the blockchain to provide a viable business idea is a challenge that a new generation of start-ups founders has taken up with enthusiasm.

Whilst adding a BSV element to business models that are already successful online provides many ideas, the most exciting opportunities may come from entrepreneurs whose vision is for businesses that have only become possible through BSV’s unique capabilities for scaling and microtransactions.

If you are interested in helping them take their ideas forward, they will want to meet you at the conference.


Media coverage of Bitcoin SV is continually increasing as new players get involved and the ecosystem sets new records for the biggest blocks mined and the number of daily Bitcoin transactions.

This Bitcoin conference is an ideal chance to learn about what makes BSV truly unique as the only blockchain that is true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin White Paper.

Media facilities will allow you to report, record, and film with participants, who are usually happy to spend time with the media during the conference, to amplify and explain their presentations or talk about future plans for their businesses. 

Our efficient conference arrangements make planning and executing your media requests easy and straightforward. You will be amazed at how productively you can use your time.


Members of the Bitcoin SV world have been proactive in contacting regulators to inform them about their work and to ensure that regulation is built into the DNA of their business ideas. 

BSV has therefore become the logical choice for businesses large and small. The conference will offer a chance for regulators to find out more about issues that touch on legal or regulatory concerns and to discuss them with interested attendees.



Marketing and Communications

With tech giants in the news over trouble with their advertising systems, there is clearly a need for new ideas to improve the online business models of both advertisers and content creators.

Fortunately, Bitcoin SV has already led to innovation in both those areas. Advertising that uses blockchain technology opens the way to more direct control by the advertiser, while the BSV Blockchain allows content creators new ways to publish their content and earn through micropayments.

BSV-powered businesses like Streamanity (video streaming), Bit.sv (digital content curation) and TonicPow (online advertising) are developing fast and will be of interest to anyone who needs to keep up with developments in the marketing and communications sector. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a vast and varied field but at its heart is the collection and utilisation of data. And that’s one of the core features of the BSV blockchain.

With its potential for massive scaling, fast processing and ultra-low transaction fees, BSV is the obvious choice for AI projects that want to use blockchain technologies.

IoT is a particular focus of some of the most innovative BSV startups. Data can be collected from a vast array of sensors, for instance in an agricultural project, and the information stored on the blockchain securely, to be analysed for results of a kind that would never have been available before.

The Bitcoin conference offers a unique chance to learn about these technologies and meet the engineers and entrepreneurs who are pioneering in this rapidly-developing field.

Blockchain as a Service

Private blockchains have long boasted blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions - typically as alternatives to commercial database products. But the advantages over conventional databases have been hard to realise.

As a public blockchain, Bitcoin SV provides a credible alternative which overcomes many of the weaknesses of private blockchains. Its secure,  legally-compliant approach combines the dependability which enterprise customers demand with low transaction fees and fast processing.

With a protocol based on the original Bitcoin design that has now been ‘set in stone’, BSV is not subject to the unpredictability of other blockchains, whether managed by big businesses or blockchain enterprises. 

Large enterprise customers are increasingly relying on BSV. The conference offers a unique opportunity to both learn about the big picture in BaaS and to make contacts who will help attendees explore individually-tailored solutions for the needs of their businesses.

Privacy & Security

The Bitcoin SV blockchain offers privacy and security features which are built into its technology. The more you learn about the BSV blockchain, the more you will understand that these features are as integral to its design as the concept of digital money. 

The protocol design combines public accountability - since anyone can access the blockchain - with strong security features. Privacy is guaranteed through pseudonymity, which allows accountability without compromising personal information. 

Our Bitcoin conference offers a unique opportunity to get to grips with these issues, with presentations delivering clear exposition from the stage, combined with chances for access to experts during networking sessions.